Debt Acquisition

As a Lender of Record having completed more than 100 debt acquisitions, Hilco Capital has extensive experience in the acquisition of distressed debt from asset based lenders, investment banks, clearing banks and private lenders.
With a simple and practical credit committee approach, direct bank lines and minimal due diligence and warranty requirements, Hilco Capital is able to move fast in time-critical situations.

Below are some examples of our successful distressed debt investing projects.


Nicole Farhi
£1.5m debt acquired and a further £1.3m provided three days after being contacted by management team.

Bought out bank’s £7m position and VC’s £10m position in 10 days to assist in backing MBO.

Bought £150m of bank debt and provided £15m working capital to the administration.

Acquired debt and provided £3m working capital to assist management team with restructuring plans.

Ethel Austin
Bought out bank’s £15m position to facilitate solvent restructuring and onward sale.